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OPTION 1 - Input: reference and bootstrap trees already inferred
Reference Tree: the tree must be in Newick format and may be gzipped (.gz extension only)
Bootstrap trees: all bootstrap trees must be in one single file, in Newick format, and may be gzipped (.gz extension only)
OPTION 2 - Input: multiple sequence alignment
Input: sequence alignment (Fasta/Phylip/Nexus format, may be gzipped with .gz extension only). Two Galaxy workflows are available to infer reference and bootstrap trees: PhyML-SMS (<5OO taxa and <5,000 sites), which first performs model selection and then infers the trees; and FastTree (default option, GTR+Gamma with DNA, and LG+Gamma with proteins), which is applicable to MSAs containing up to 3,000 taxa and 10,000 sites. For larger datasets you must use the latter option, or download BOOSTER on your computer.
Number of Bootstrap replicates
Choose the phylogenetic workflow to run: (1) PhyML-SMS or (2) FastTree. These workflows are installed and launched on the Instut Pasteur Galaxy server.
In all cases
Enter your e-mail if you would like to be notified when the job is finished.
Enter a run name (optionnal) if you would like to remember it more easily.
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